Frank Gadsden



Generic story and characters yet still enjoyable.

Longmire imageLongmire image


Shows | Crime

Greatest loving comedian precisely because he tells the truth about how shamelessly retarded the left is.

Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation imageDave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation image

Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation

Movies | Comedy

Easily one of the most uniquely creative movies of all time all the while being incredibly re-watchable.

Donnie Darko imageDonnie Darko image

Donnie Darko

Movies | Fantasy

More proof that Mickey Rourke is outstanding and that Darren Aronofsky was the greatest director of all time before he did Noah, a completely worthless film, and Mother!, the absolute ********* film of all time.

The Wrestler imageThe Wrestler image

The Wrestler

Movies | Drama

Abrasively stupid. I absolutely love it.

Scary Movie imageScary Movie image

Scary Movie

Movies | Comedy

I’m surprised this movie wasn’t blacklisted being that it shows the greatest civil rights leader was the antithesis of the black lives matter organization.

Selma imageSelma image


Movies | History

Rocky was getting super tired as a franchise but I love the new element this movie brings. Very good.

Creed imageCreed image


Movies | Drama

It makes me sad because back then you were actually allowed to be funny. This movie would be blacklisted if it were made today for one soul reason. It’s obnoxiously funny.

Friday imageFriday image


Movies | Comedy

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