very well written, extremely vulnerable, i love how the author shows her journey of self love.

Light Filters In: Poems imageLight Filters In: Poems image

Light Filters In: Poems

Books | Caroline Kaufman

literally finished it over night, once i picked up the book i couldn't put it back down. i love the plot. i was literally screaming at the book, frfr

My Heart and Other Black Holes imageMy Heart and Other Black Holes image

My Heart and Other Black Holes

Books | Jasmine Warga

NO CUZ THE ENDING HAD ME IN TEARS (not really my eyeliner took me forever that day) BUT THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. great showing everyone's pov in the story. literally gave me chills

This Is Where It Ends imageThis Is Where It Ends image

This Is Where It Ends

Books | Marieke Nijkamp

had me in tears frfr. great for kids who went thru the loss of their fathers at a young age, or had to grow up taking care of their siblings

You May Already Be a Winner imageYou May Already Be a Winner image

You May Already Be a Winner

Books | Ann Dee Ellis

THIS BOOK HURT MY SOUL. literally ripped my heart out, stomped on it, and shoved it back into my heart. but omg written so beautifully. ending is so well thought out. had me in tears everytime i read it. 10/10 !!

Girl in Pieces imageGirl in Pieces image

Girl in Pieces

Books | Kathleen Glasgow

OH EM GEE, LITERALLY I WANT A MILLION COPIES OF THIS BOOK. BLESS THE AUTHOR, ITS WRITTEN SO WELL. the way she expresses herself in this book is.. literally i'm speechless . i love it

Milk and Honey imageMilk and Honey image

Milk and Honey

Books | Rupi Kaur

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