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I read this this year and I loved it—very calming. I like to listen or watch things that help remind me to work on feeling grounded and to look for the positive things in life, and I felt like this book did that.

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Books | Héctor García

Friggen LOVED this. It was so much fun and intriguing. I love Julia’s portrayal of Anna Delvey and I was excited abt the fascinating retelling of a scandal that didn’t feel like it pried too much on vulnerability. It didn’t leave me feeling broken hearted like the other shows made about real scandals/scams/con artists.

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Inventing Anna


This was a bit long but I was stoked on a lot of things: cat woman felt like a real person, it felt like it didn’t try to cover up Batman’s privileged background but just addressed it, and I loved the riddler. The best was that it felt like the cast thoroughly enjoyed portraying their characters. I do feel like the middle drags for a bit and parts were didactic and obvious—so there was unnecessary explanation at times.

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The Batman

Movies | Action

I loved this! It felt poignant, moving, but whimsical and funny enough to not be trying to beat you over the head with its meaning. Very charming.

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Shows | Comedy

I really enjoyed watching this but it left me feeling very broken hearted for Sarma. I feel like the premise of a “cult of one” possibly should have been addressed more. I do like that it allowed space for people to raise their own questions and themes from it though.

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Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.

Shows | Documentary

Toni Collette is a friggen queen. I watched this just for her—the daughter made it almost insufferable but if Toni Collette’s character hadn’t been so amazing, I don’t think I would have loved it.

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Pieces of Her

Shows | Crime

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