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So cute! Well Met is still my favorite of the series but I still enjoyed it. Cute story! And it bring you in a reconnaissance festival kinda mood. 3/5⭐️

Well Played imageWell Played image

Well Played

Books | Jen DeLuca

Love it! My kind or cheesy romance with just enough spice! 🌶 😍 4/5⭐️ #romance

The Real Deal imageThe Real Deal image

The Real Deal

Books | Lauren Blakely

There’s one scene that is priceless! I think I read it at least 5 time! So funny! I must say, I prefer Until November but it not bad! I enjoyed it and it a quick read. 3/5⭐️

Until Trevor imageUntil Trevor image

Until Trevor

Books | Aurora Rose Reynolds

Not my favourite.. started this because of instabook recommendation but for me it not worth the hipe. Very fast past and political.. slow burn romance with not much spice. A lot of action tho.. the only reason why I stayed hooked. It was really well written! 2/5⭐️

The Bridge Kingdom imageThe Bridge Kingdom image

The Bridge Kingdom

Books | Danielle L Jensen

Nah! Started nicely but lost interest in the middle.. great meet-cute and chemistry between characters tho. I also enjoyed the strong, independence and personality of the main characters. 2.5/5 ⭐️ #romance

Wallbanger imageWallbanger image


Books | Alice Clayton

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