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This book takes contemplating the implications of time loops and the havoc you can wreak with them to a whole new level. Loved the hell out of it.

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August imageThe First Fifteen Lives of Harry August image

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

Books | Claire North

A wonderful conclusion to a wonderful series. The first ten chapters had me in such high anxiety I had to set it down for a day, but that's only because I empathize with the characters so much. Some questions are left unanswered and some stories unexplored, but I think that's fitting for a series that asks "what happens when you hold on after the end of a story?" I suppose the author has to draw the line somewhere, despite how much I'd love for it to keep going. #lgbtq approved ;)

Any Way the Wind Blows imageAny Way the Wind Blows image

Any Way the Wind Blows

Books | Rainbow Rowell

A fantastic urban fantasy that pulls from several different myths and legends. The writing is often 🌶️🌶️🌶️ spicy, but it's some of the best LGBTQ spice I've read recently. The series is comparable to the Iron Druid series; a man with a high level of supernatural skill owes a lot of favors to a lot of gods from many pantheons... just much, much more gay. #lgbtq approved ;)

A Ferry of Bones & Gold imageA Ferry of Bones & Gold image

A Ferry of Bones & Gold

Books | Hailey Turner

Great mystery book for someone who doesn't normally read mysteries. I've read all 12 available books and was pleased that I could rarely predict the endings. It takes place in the late 30's and had a lot of mob/mafia themes. While old fashioned ideas are present (racism, homophobia, misogyny), it's more so a reflection of the setting and timeline rather than a reflection of the author's or characters beliefs. Great series to get lost in.

Bloodlist imageBloodlist image


Books | P. N. Elrod

I loved this book largely because I can empathize with the main characters self destruction and loathing. While it might be abrasive for some, I really loved that the female protagonist wasn't immediately likeable. Her journey of growth and forgiveness helped make what I'm going through feel normal. The spicy parts were definitely spicy, but not what I ended remembering about this book.

A Court of Silver Flames imageA Court of Silver Flames image

A Court of Silver Flames

Books | Sarah J. Maas

I'm surprised by how deeply this series got it's claws into me. It hits a lot of the same notes at the Mercy Thompson series (native americans, skin walkers, vampires, werewolves, also christian faith??) but was written less for a white audience. Almost none of the main cast is white and the author isn't afraid to look native genocide in the eye and explore those darker themes. I hadn't expected to like a honky-tonk tuff southern motorbike chick, but damnit Jane Yellowrock grew on me.

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Books | Faith Hunter

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