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It was cute! Obviously it is billed as a typical modern romance, so there’s likely going to be some predictable elements. I do enjoy, however, that it talked about deeper topics like fidelity, loyalty, different family dynamics and different ways people may see the world. I kind of wish there had been more of a lead up, but it was still cute. It’s spicy but not explicit, too, for those who don’t enjoy that.

The Unhoneymooners imageThe Unhoneymooners image

The Unhoneymooners

Books | Christina Lauren

Honestly, i did NOT see the ending coming. There were multiple mysteries within one. I had pieced a lot of it together, but I missed one hint and that made a huge difference toward the end. I’m surprised it’s not a more popular book, because i finished this in about a day. It has you thinking and questioning — and the gaslighting is terrifying, but it’s done well and shows how damaging true gaslighting can be.

The Replacement Wife imageThe Replacement Wife image

The Replacement Wife

Books | Darby Kane

It’s cliche with the hate to love trope, but i still adored it. I grew up unable to connect dots in relationships or tell when boys liked me, so it was relatable. I like the plot of this better than “the love hypothesis,” because of the twist near the end. More interesting than the twist in LH. Also the cats — one of which is a black cat — having an important role in the story made me happy.

Love on the Brain imageLove on the Brain image

Love on the Brain

Books | Ali Hazelwood

Hyped books usually fall short for me, but this was one of my favorites. It has the happy ending, but i appreciate how it got there and the specificity (I had a chemistry minor in college.) There were times when Olive made me mad, but that was a sign of a well-written character — i was invested. I also related to her. It’s spicy in a couple chapters, but that’s not what drives the story. I got this from the library but will buy my own copy to read again.

The Love Hypothesis imageThe Love Hypothesis image

The Love Hypothesis

Books | Ali Hazelwood

This was cute and i enjoyed the pacing. Was grown up but still fun. Predictable in the sense that she ends up with the guy, but i liked how it happened. Would definitely read it again.

The Wedding Season imageThe Wedding Season image

The Wedding Season

Books | Katy Birchall

The ending is slightly predictable and you start to catch onto the plot, though there are not specific details, but i enjoyed it. Definitely creepy and gives me “Gone girl” vibes. I don’t know that i like that it’s from the perspective of a bunch of people, though. I felt like that made things weird and took away from the actual plot.

You Are Not Alone imageYou Are Not Alone image

You Are Not Alone

Books | Greer Hendricks

This isn’t necessarily some work of literary genius, but i bawled my eyes out anyway. If you like books that feature animal POV, dealing with familial relationships, career aspirations and pets, this is for you. It was a great palate cleanser for some of the darker books I’ve been reading.

Love Saves the Day imageLove Saves the Day image

Love Saves the Day

Books | Gwen Cooper

So it felt predictable, because it was compared to gone girl. However, there were definitely some twists that are both realistic but not ones you’d expect. I definitely enjoyed it.

The Wife Between Us imageThe Wife Between Us image

The Wife Between Us

Books | Greer Hendricks

Thoroughly enjoyed this. Definitely took some time to get into the heart of the plot, but once it did, wow. There were multiple twists. Sure, there were aspects that were predictable, but i think how we got there was interesting. Stayed up too late finishing it.

The Golden Couple imageThe Golden Couple image

The Golden Couple

Books | Greer Hendricks

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