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One of my top ten favorite movies of all time.

Zero Dark Thirty imageZero Dark Thirty image

Zero Dark Thirty

Movies | Thriller

Not my favorite Marvel movie, Dr Strange inMoM felt like it had too many moving parts, and too disconnected from its counterpart. Maybe that was the point? The Scarlet Witch/Wanda’s role just didn’t seem cohesive with everything we’ve seen from her until now, but I can also see the Darkhold likely played a part in that. I just wish that had been made clearer. That said, I enjoyed it. Unfortunately the CGI was this film’s saving grace.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness imageDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness image

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Movies | Fantasy

This might be Hemsworth’s pinnacle—so far. Teller is obviously beyond talented but Hemsworth nailed every line, completely deviating from previous roles. He was funny, charming, devious, sociopathic. He’s an entertaining actor but this… this was art. The movie itself was beautiful, pacing impeccable, the editing perfection. Spiderhead will end up being one of my favorites of the year.

Spiderhead imageSpiderhead image


Movies | Science Fiction

From the first minute, The Adam Project is perfection. I was legit LOLing and tearing up. The script is immaculate. As always, Reynolds comedic timing and delivery is top tier. Walker Scobell, who is insanely talented and so natural onscreen, effortlessly nails young Adam. Jennifer Garner plays the mom to create the trifecta that easily makes this light hearted tearjerker my favorite movie of 2022 so far.

The Adam Project imageThe Adam Project image

The Adam Project

Movies | Science Fiction

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