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So cute educational but good to watch! It’s about a blood red cell working in a body with white blood cells,etc. taught me more than science lol

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Cells at Work!

Shows | Comedy

So good! It’s about a black boy with a special needs brother,their country went to war and they couldn’t find their mom so they live with a another girl.They live in a refugee camp

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When Stars are Scattered

Books | Victoria Jamieson

Just reading and it so nice!! I would recommended if you want to read a nice black ppl book with white men and forge in languages!(dw they js say they speak it but they put it in English) so nice basically short stories also it has some “scenes” that include s*x but it’s very short and quick so the story doesn’t revolve around it

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Books | Yaa Gyasi

This abt a boy who’s father left him,his mom is to scared to defend him from his new stepdad who is hurting them. Very inspiring book,I love black books sm<3 somebody recommend me more

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Search for Safety

Books | John Langan

So cute I honestly wasn’t expecting to like it since I thought “oh all these girls liking this weird guy so boring” but it’s very sweet and I liked how he picked a girl at the end<3

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Shows | Comedy

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