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This has easily become one of my favorite shows. The story was written beautifully.

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Anne with an E

Shows | Drama

It was a fun little read. The outcome was pretty predictable. There were some moments when I felt suspense from the writing but not as much as you’d think you’d have from reading a thriller. Too many chapters focused on spiciness for my liking and I get that’s it’s a romance thriller but it also felt as if it were every other chapter. Not a bad read but I wouldn’t suggest rushing out to get a copy to ready right away.

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Books | Colleen Hoover

Absolutely loved this series. The acting is spot on and the twist of the story kept me intrigued the whole time. I don’t rewatch many shows but this one is on the list to rewatch.

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Absolutely love this show.

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The Middle

Shows | Comedy

I liked it. The first ones story was better in my opinion but Johnny Depp is amazing as the Mad Hatter.

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Alice Through the Looking Glass

Movies | Adventure

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