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Jasmine Polite



A running Disney fanatic who likes to hug trees from time to time.


I love true crime podcasts that are told like a story… Wondery always gets it right with these ones!

Death of a Starlet imageDeath of a Starlet image

Death of a Starlet

Podcasts | True Crime

This podcast will have you gasping in horror and giggling in the same breath. If you’re into mental health or any kind of medical profession you should have a listen.

The Shrink Next Door imageThe Shrink Next Door image

The Shrink Next Door

Podcasts | Society & Culture

I don’t even like sports, but the intricate scandal that is intertwined with the sport of basketball was nothing short of intriguing and even enlightening. I’ll never look at sports the same again. Side note: you might want to use headphones for this one if you’re in the office… there’s a a ton of swearing.

Whistleblower imageWhistleblower image


Podcasts | Society & Culture

This may be my FAVORITE podcast by Tenderfoot TV. It was so well done, I felt like I was there living what was happening! This will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat!

Monster: DC Sniper imageMonster: DC Sniper image

Monster: DC Sniper

Podcasts | True Crime

First season is the best season!

Serial imageSerial image


Podcasts | News & Politics

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