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Jessica Brown



So captivating!! I watched back to back episodes and now wait for 3very Fridays new episode. Its like Game of Thrones but more magic and mystery.

The Wheel of Time imageThe Wheel of Time image

The Wheel of Time

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Very intriguing. Its like the adult , murder-mystery version of Peter Pan.

Carnival Row imageCarnival Row image

Carnival Row

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

One of the constantly replayed movies of my college era. So mid 2000s vibe!!

John Tucker Must Die imageJohn Tucker Must Die image

John Tucker Must Die

Movies | Comedy

Cute romance. Didnt turn out the way I expected though

Letters to Juliet imageLetters to Juliet image

Letters to Juliet

Movies | Comedy

Sweet and fun just like all the rest in its series. Not as good as the original but worth the enjoyment

Bridget Jones's Baby imageBridget Jones's Baby image

Bridget Jones's Baby

Movies | Comedy

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