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The end was life goes on with the short story (make sure to read the short story!) But I wish there was a fourth book but I can understand where/why it ended the way it did. The whole series was so much action that I couldn’t stop reading sometimes and also felt tired for the characters. I loved who it focused on what war can do to people while it’s happening and being power hungry. Also it had a lot of underlining controversial topics that it touched in a fictional way and loved that the most.

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Monsters of Men

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This definitely was darker than the first. The beginning was a little slow but I loved the whole concept of getting to see a little bit from both sides of the war and the two characters. I also started to compare it to the hunger games more as the leaders of the sides of war are hungry for power in different ways.

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The Ask and the Answer

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Just finished this book and I am getting the 2nd tomorrow. Loved the non stop action and adventure. Also how it reflects on psychology of being a killer or being a “man”.

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The Knife of Never Letting Go

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