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I absolutely LOVED the character development in this story. The plot line was so diverse and always included relevant topics. There was always a new situation or problem that always kept the storyline interesting. The comedy was also great. I wish they could continue this show because the ending was a twist I was not expecting.

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Teenage Bounty Hunters


Currently in the middle of reading this, and so far, I absolutely love this book. It is packed with real science and interesting chemistry/astronomy facts that really make this whole story well-thought out and brilliantly made. The humor of Mark Watney, the astronaut left on Mars, really helps keep the story more light hearted as he makes the best of each situation. I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes sci-fi space books and doesn’t mind having loads of science embedded in each chapter.

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The Martian

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I loved the comedy in this film and how they would abruptly switch scenes; it made it so much more funny. The whole plot is well thought out and interesting. I thought it was really cool how they switched POVS from each girl to show how they viewed the situation in their own eyes. There was also a cool foreshadow in the beginning of the story that kept you eager to finish. Overall I loved this young adult comedy/crime and would totally recommend it to anyone.

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