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JJ Blondin



The ending threw me off a bit but I absolutely loved this series

The Final Gambit imageThe Final Gambit image

The Final Gambit

Books | Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I think I liked this so much because it was fast paced and kept me hooked since the very beginning

The Inheritance Games imageThe Inheritance Games image

The Inheritance Games

Books | Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I loved this book. Although when we did the flashbacks to the Second World War I got confused between Jameson and Scarlett’s thoughts.

The Things We Leave Unfinished imageThe Things We Leave Unfinished image

The Things We Leave Unfinished

Books | Rebecca Yarros

I was reading the final two chapters of this book in the car and I was trying not to break down in complete sobs. If you are a mood reader and need a heartbreaking book, this one is for you. I have no words, this left me broken.

A Thousand Boy Kisses imageA Thousand Boy Kisses image

A Thousand Boy Kisses

Books | Tillie Cole

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