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I loved watching this show when I was a little girl. Loved the comedy and Fran's clothes were just the best. However, it wasn't till I was an adult when I really enjoyed the show because all the adult jokes I didn't get the first time around finally made sense. I love Miles and Grandma Yetta. Fran's mom always reminded me of my mom because of the way they loved to eat and criticize. If you have not heard or seen this show, I highly recommend it.

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The Nanny

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Absolutely loved watching this show when I was in Elementary school. The concept of magic has always been a fun interest for me long before Harry Potter entered my life. I do admit that the last season was my least favorite but overall, the show has been such a wonderful part of my life. <3 Salem!!! I have always wanted to have a solid black cat and name him Salem.

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch

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