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One of the famous baseball movies ever to be made. Favorite line is you’re killing me smalls😄

The Sandlot imageThe Sandlot image

The Sandlot

Movies | Comedy

Classic must see if you like dancing and romance. Favorite line “Nobody put’s baby in a corner”😄

Dirty Dancing imageDirty Dancing image

Dirty Dancing

Movies | Drama

This book is good I couldn’t put it down. Each chapter was getting more interesting. 😄

The Silent Patient imageThe Silent Patient image

The Silent Patient

Books | Alex Michaelides

This movie is a classic “Hey You Guys”!

The Goonies imageThe Goonies image

The Goonies

Movies | Adventure

This movie was so good! Joey king was a bad ass in it 😄

The Princess imageThe Princess image

The Princess

Movies | Fantasy

This is a good movie to watch on our Independence Day my favorite line is I got to get me one of these. 😄

Independence Day imageIndependence Day image

Independence Day

Movies | Action

This book is good😄

If I Stay imageIf I Stay image

If I Stay

Books | Gayle Forman

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