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Weird, uncomfortable at times, but once the twist occurs, totally changed it for me. Well written and acted.

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Fight Club

Movies | Drama

Really enjoyed it. Liked the first one a bit better, but truly enjoyed this as well!

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Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Movies | Mystery

Loved this book when I initially read it prob 10 years ago. I’m not an avid reader in part because I have ADD. The way she writes really did paint a picture and give a feeling that put me in the story. She took what are typically cliche and tired character types and brought a fresh, and thoughtful point of view to them. Fantastic. Following books are good, but imo, nothing like the first in the series.

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Interview with the Vampire

Books | Anne Rice

Ryan Reynolds…if you love him, really, what more are you looking for with this type of movie?! Good, easy to watch, fun flick.

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Free Guy

Movies | Action

All I have to say is booped the nose lol. Pretty good horror flick but a little bit predictable ending and some plot holes, but still with all the crappy horror movies out there, this one shines as a better one of them! Justin Long is fun to watch as well.

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Movies | Thriller

Pretty good. Though would have liked a better ending. Not as good as the Nolan Batman (in my humble opinion) but had some really great moments that set it apart from the others. Very good, and worth watching more than once. Exciting to see where it goes from here!

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The Batman

Movies | Action

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