At first I was not into this book. I was seeking out ways to change your mindset on all things money. However, as I kept reading it got interesting. I find it hopeless that the book focuses on luck in getting rich but explains it well. The book has 19 psychological ways to uproot and change the way you think of money. There are a few points that are basic but the story and explanations behind them make the reader think about it differently. Pretty quick read but will alter what you think!

The Psychology of Money imageThe Psychology of Money image

The Psychology of Money

Books | Morgan Housel

I was not sure of this book in the beginning. It seemed like it was a story for teens. But as I kept reading, the story became more and more interesting. This book really focuses on how miscommunication in a relationship can go terribly wrong and change lives drastically. It also shows how life can mend back together and that happy endings with a lot of hurt can exist! Whether this is based on a true story or not, the story feels real and draws the reader in.

Every Summer After imageEvery Summer After image

Every Summer After

Books | Carley Fortune

I have an accounting degree but am not in the field. This book jogged my memory with its information. In addition, Tiffany provides viewpoints and a deeper understanding to money habits on your personal life and finance. This book is a great option for those that know little to nothing about financial structure and is a great option for those familiar but need help on financial structure. Would love this to be more factual and less of a story but overall great productive read.

Get Good with Money imageGet Good with Money image

Get Good with Money

Books | Tiffany the Budgetnista Aliche

Michael challenges your mind in many ways. So much sympathy is formed for the girl in a terrible situation. Some chapters are hard to read through due to the girls hardships and realization of what has made her so numb, anxious and untrusting. The reader is twisted into the different Psychology and viewpoints in the book and will never see the ending come. It is a long read but sucks your attention to this girl’s childhood and how she reacts because of it.

When She Was Good imageWhen She Was Good image

When She Was Good

Books | Michael Robotham

There is so much scientific research connected to this book. The authors go into many different scenarios that helps the reader relate and understand each attachment style and how the opposing person can be reacting or understanding their partner wrong. Truly think and understand which type you are as it will help in all relationships and understanding your needs.

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Books | Amir Levine

I related a lot to the CPA brother. What he goes through to find it brother is such a commitment and love. The reader gets to tackle fears and truly live a rigid life with him on his hunt. Criminal structure and relations is heavily shown in the book.

The Price of Innocence imageThe Price of Innocence image

The Price of Innocence

Books | Bryan Devore

I cried in this book. It is not a sad read but it made me realize so many key things can be fixed in my personal relationship. It made me realize if we ignore the way we “need” love, how toxic or south a relationship can go. Not only does it allow the reader to become self-aware of what their needs are but also learn what your parter needs or how to find what your partner needs. Need to read other love language books.

The 5 Love Languages imageThe 5 Love Languages image

The 5 Love Languages

Books | Gary D. Chapman

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