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This book was an amazing read and an insight to how drug addicts are born. Based on a true story, it helps the reader gain a sense of empathy for those who are struggling with meth addiction as well as the families of those addicts.

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Books | Ellen Hopkins

This was a great continuation of the story in my opinion! It gave a really nice ending to Pax and Peter’s story.

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Pax, Journey Home

Books | Sara Pennypacker

This is a great book for young readers and adults alike. It was a fast read, and I have the sequel purchased already!

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Books | Sara Pennypacker

An amazing story of women who overcame so much to support their community. It’s a testament to women’s and POC rights during the early 1900s.

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The Giver of Stars

Books | Jojo Moyes

This book was an amazing read. Kerri is a brilliant writer and storyteller, and I was able to feel what she was feeling throughout this whole book. This book was especially interesting since I grew up and live in Kansas, so I knew the cities she mentioned and am familiar with the story of BTK.

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A Serial Killer's Daughter

Books | Kerri Rawson

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