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maybe don’t watch it before u go into the mental hospital but do if ur in good health. this movie is how it feels to be a mentally ill teen girl.

Girl, Interrupted imageGirl, Interrupted image

Girl, Interrupted

Movies | Drama

another gorgeous movie. you may have watched as a child and if you did you loved it. it’s a whole different movie as an adult and it’s time for a rewatch.

Where the Wild Things Are imageWhere the Wild Things Are image

Where the Wild Things Are

Movies | Family

jim carrey is an amazing drama actor, maybe the best.

The Truman Show imageThe Truman Show image

The Truman Show

Movies | Comedy

this was a beautiful movie. a pretty story but an ethereal experience to watch.

Paterson imagePaterson image


Movies | Comedy

*******. terrifying. scariest movie i’ve watched so far. (i haven’t reviewed any i don’t think but still)

Smile imageSmile image


Movies | Horror

this was jaw dropping ****** up to another dimension but you CANNOT look away from the shitstorm. worth the watch.

We Need to Talk About Kevin imageWe Need to Talk About Kevin image

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Movies | Drama

this was a fun watch for a girl. a difficult one for a boy. i was grimacing and he was too but i could see the second hand fear in his eyes while watching this. but oh my was it interesting.

Hard Candy imageHard Candy image

Hard Candy

Movies | Drama

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