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I really liked this book. I loved the mystery it had since it kept switching from before and after. I wish there was more to the ending though. Maybe a few sentences more. (Kinda spoilers after this) I wish the last part wasnt of her just knocking on the door. I wanted to see the grandma open the door and hug her or something like that before it ended. But still it was a pretty good ending.

The Girl in Red imageThe Girl in Red image

The Girl in Red

Books | Christina Henry

I really liked this book it reminded me of stranger things in some ways (not the characters).(kinda spoilers after this) I liked that that Neve and Solmir didn’t consider what they did as good or try to justify it. Instead they tried to do better.

For the Throne imageFor the Throne image

For the Throne

Books | Hannah Whitten

This is the longest book ive ever read but it’s totally worth it. I loved every single thing about it. I really liked how this one took place all over the story world (I liked going back to the map lol)

The Priory of the Orange Tree imageThe Priory of the Orange Tree image

The Priory of the Orange Tree

Books | Samantha Shannon

It was really good but I thought it was dragged on for too long after awhile. But I really did like the way the author went about it in the beginning

Once Upon a Dream imageOnce Upon a Dream image

Once Upon a Dream

Books | Liz Braswell

Ive loved this webtoon for years but lost track of where I left off. I don’t regret buying the book and im excited for the next book to come out

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Books | Míriam Bonastre Tur

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