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That lady in the basement freaks me out to this day. Yikes.

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House on Haunted Hill

Movies | Horror

This is my favorite movie of all time. If you were to walk in on someone watching it you'd assume it was an awfully racist movie, but my liberal therapist told me to go watch this and I was shocked. It's about a black man in the old West overcoming hardships and being successful. I think many people miss the point of what the movie is actually saying and think it's just offensive, but it's actually making fun of racists.

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Blazing Saddles

Movies | Western

This is one of my favorite movies because it feels real and raw while still being fun. It's about kids in the 70s being kids in the 70s. There's acid, weed, lust, violence, rebellion, and the kids are just wanting to break away from the mold of suburban life. It's a fun watch that no one talks about and I don't know anyone else who has seen it.

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Over the Edge

Movies | Crime

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