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ceo of watching obscure shows and forcing everyone i know to watch them


it took me months to finish this show because i couldn’t bare to be done with it. joe pera is such a light in this world and this show is so comforting and feels like a warm hug. i adored the simplicity of it all but it still felt so layered. it’s clear there was so much care put into every piece of this. plus the comedy was PERFECT. i just. i want 12 more seasons of joe & sarah just living their lives.

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Joe Pera Talks With You

Shows | Comedy

ok i assumed i’d at least mildly enjoy this bc maya hawke but WOW I HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME. genuinely one of the best recent netflix originals. usually i hate them. this one i loved and i lived!!!

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Do Revenge

Movies | Comedy

it’s hard to find the words to describe this show bc it’s so mindbending and the tone shifts so much you can never tell where they’re going or how it’ll end. but honestly, i found the cast incredibly charming and you could tell they put a lot of care into every storyline. give luis gerardo méndez an emmy!!!!!

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The Resort

Shows | Comedy

this TOTALLY EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS??? in every way??? it was nothing like what i expected and i loveddddd it. glad my roommate & i randomly decided to turn it on when my other roommate said he had to work 9 to 5.

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Nine to Five

Movies | Comedy


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17 Again

Movies | Comedy

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