Kira G



I liked this movie alot! It definitely shows the meaning of for every action there is a reaction.

Adam + Eve imageAdam + Eve image

Adam + Eve


My kind of movie unique and totally unexpected. Different from the norm and this one would keep your attention alone or as a couple or group.

The Menu imageThe Menu image

The Menu

Movies | Horror

A feel good story of love with an up and down roller coaster feel that sustained the test of time!

Harry & Meghan imageHarry & Meghan image

Harry & Meghan

Shows | Documentary

I enjoyed this show. New refreshing and inspiring! #somethingdifferent

Drink Masters imageDrink Masters image

Drink Masters


This was a good one! For the fellow Power fans you get to see Ghost in a different light! Good movie for the family or anyone into football gaming or both! Everyone did great in their respective roles! 🏈 🎮 💚

Fantasy Football imageFantasy Football image

Fantasy Football


It was okay to me something different to watch over your traditional movie choices. It was a little all over the place-ish for me…like was it drama horror sympathy or all of the above?

Piggy imagePiggy image


Movies | Drama

I like this one classic case of whodunit!

The Watcher imageThe Watcher image

The Watcher

Shows | Drama

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