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It took some getting into, for me, but when **** started to hit the fan—it went QUICK. I had kind of suspected a couple of the backstories-but still ended up being a fun read.

The Paris Apartment imageThe Paris Apartment image

The Paris Apartment

Books | Lucy Foley

Entertaining and sweet—I thought the conflict was lacking and the story felt rushed at the end, but not bad overall. Easy reading 3/5

The Soulmate Equation imageThe Soulmate Equation image

The Soulmate Equation

Books | Christina Lauren

It took a little longer to get into this one, but it was worth it. I had kinda predicted the end, but it was still super satisfying. RW is a new fave!

The Woman in Cabin 10 imageThe Woman in Cabin 10 image

The Woman in Cabin 10

Books | Ruth Ware

Just finished. Stayed up way to late reading and coming up with theories that I could never quite pin down. What a great read! Can’t wait to read more by Ruth!

The Death of Mrs. Westaway imageThe Death of Mrs. Westaway image

The Death of Mrs. Westaway

Books | Ruth Ware

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