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I just barely finished this and it was amazing. The character development is on point, Paytons feelings are so realistic. The characters are very realistic and all of their interactions are very well written and portrayed. My favorite character was definitely Alice, especially in season 2. *spoilers ahead* Alice really finds herself in season 2 and in a really realistic way, I love her and Astrids friendship when they both leave and when Astrid has an abortion. All in all, this is a great show.

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The Politician

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i just barely finished this and it was amazing. it ends perfectly with a good happy ending that still is realistic, and it feels like lucy didnt bring up finch randomly which keeps it consistant since they had a fight about her not wanting to do that, and she didnt. because alice brady saw finch on the news and happened to be with lucy. i also love jonah and finch's relationship and how finch only realizes at the end that he lives jonah, and just in general this book was so good

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Both Sides Now

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