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Lauryn Wilson



This book was AMAZING! The ending was sweet and the story engaging. Read it in one day and would read it again!

Wait Till Helen Comes imageWait Till Helen Comes image

Wait Till Helen Comes

Books | Mary Downing Hahn

Great for preteens and young teens! Normalises bullying experiences, school problems, and learning disabilities and encourages asking for help. Mr. Daniels is an inspiration and Addy is lovably flawed. 10/10

Fish in a Tree imageFish in a Tree image

Fish in a Tree

Books | Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Sweet story, easy to read, and precious lesson that our pasts do not have to define us. ❤️

Good Night, Mr. Tom imageGood Night, Mr. Tom image

Good Night, Mr. Tom

Books | Michelle Magorian

This was… amazing…! Awesome for the found-family and adoption tropes mixed evenly with mystery and suspense and just a tinge of romance. Definitely recommend!!! 10/10

In Another Life imageIn Another Life image

In Another Life

Books | C. C. Hunter

Easily the most mature book I’ve ever read, but that was to be expected. It was adult, and not YA. I really loved this book. It was the kind where you change your theory sixty times, all the while chanting under your breath: “WOULD YOU JUST HUG THAT KID ALREADY?!” Hunt was an amazing character and Johnny, regardless of the circumstances, is relatable. 10/10 recommended for appropriate readers, especially those who love the #foundfamily tropes.

The Last Child imageThe Last Child image

The Last Child

Books | John Hart

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