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heyy…. most of my comments are abt which characters are hot


i absolutely love this version of ghostbusters. much better than the other remakes

Ghostbusters: Afterlife imageGhostbusters: Afterlife image

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Movies | Comedy

like how well paced the movie was so i never got bored…some of the cgi didn’t look the best at pints tho

Morbius imageMorbius image


Movies | Action

it was good but not very scary. it moved a little slow and the sun end was quite confusing.

The Boy imageThe Boy image

The Boy

Movies | Horror

literally my favorite podcast of all time. i’ve been a fan of enya and drew for about a year now and they r the best duo ever. i die laughing at every episode. my comfort people <3

Emergency Intercom imageEmergency Intercom image

Emergency Intercom

Podcasts | Comedy

one of the best movies i’ve seen in awhile…i love the way they used the flashbacks to build the storyline as the movie went along. i really wish boris and theo ended up together

The Goldfinch imageThe Goldfinch image

The Goldfinch

Movies | Crime

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