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The plot was so much more intricate than I expected. I liked the Murder on the Orient Express so it was interesting to see how this compared.

Death on the Nile imageDeath on the Nile image

Death on the Nile

Movies | Crime

This movie was definitely wtf but good

Suspiria imageSuspiria image


Movies | Horror

I’m not one to laugh during movies but this was so funny

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish imagePuss in Boots: The Last Wish image

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Movies | Comedy

Something about this show is oddly addicting.

Scream: The TV Series imageScream: The TV Series image

Scream: The TV Series

Shows | Horror

This was a little predictable but had an interesting plot.

Inheritance imageInheritance image


Movies | Thriller

This movie was so beautiful and funny. Definitely one of my new comfort movies.

Ponyo imagePonyo image


Movies | Animation

The cinematography was very good

Girl imageGirl image


Movies | Drama

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