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Lyndon Bray



A bit about myself: I am a Nurse that's into fitness, weight lifting, martial arts, sports, the outdoors,  camping, hiking, adventures, along with meditation, and yoga for my spiritual side. I'm a singer-songwriter & guitar player, so I guess I am a bit artsy. A "Huge" nerd that loves TV series and movies that are thought provoking documentaries, I love Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & movies as well as shows/series with surrealistic plots/backdrops. Cheers 🍻 !


One of my favorite shows of all time. Really well done. Used to watch it religiously every week never missing an episode when it first aired back when I was in high-school.

The X-Files imageThe X-Files image

The X-Files

Shows | Drama

This was very well done. Great mix of comedy monster horror and slaher. What's there not to love? 😀👍

The Cabin in the Woods imageThe Cabin in the Woods image

The Cabin in the Woods

Movies | Horror

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