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A bit about myself: I am a Nurse that's into fitness, weight lifting, martial arts, sports, the outdoors,  camping, hiking, adventures, along with meditation, and yoga for my spiritual side. I'm a singer-songwriter & guitar player, so I guess I am a bit artsy. A "Huge" nerd that loves TV series and movies that are thought provoking documentaries, I love Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & movies as well as shows/series with surrealistic plots/backdrops. Cheers 🍻 !


I love this show very similar to Alone and Survivorman. Highly recommended if you like the outdoors, wilderness survival, and living off the land.

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Dual Survival

Shows | Reality

Very funny! Kind of a mixture of Modern Family and Parks and Recreation.

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Arrested Development

Shows | Comedy

I thought this movie was great. I love viking history and lore and they weren't horrible on staying true with that as well. I honestly just didn't like Nicole Kidman being in this, she wasn't believable at all. But just my opinion 🤷.

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The Northman

Movies | Adventure

Just started watching this. First couple episodes in, I am really enjoying the storyline. Pretty creepy and paradoxical.

From imageFrom image


Shows | Drama

Probably one of my favorite tv series of all time. Rewatching the seasons of this. After season 7 or 8 it gets weak when Whisperers come into play, you can tell the writers and directors changed. Too bad. Still awesome.

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The Walking Dead

Shows | Action & Adventure

Not a bad take on Vampire lore. Not a bad take on Stephen Kings short story Jerusalem's Lot the prequel to Salem's Lot. I like the way the Vampire is depicted in this story line. Very interesting and not bad with sticking to historical context.

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Absolutely amazing. Love Ridley Scott, the man is a legend. Very good storyline and take on future dystopian society. Highly recommended!!

Raised by Wolves imageRaised by Wolves image

Raised by Wolves

Shows | Drama

Awesome paranormal podcast. Funny as hell listening to comedian Dan Cummins get his wife freaked out lol. She gets him to though. Good God Linsey his wife has the perfect horror movie scream 🎬 😳 catches you off guard and him as well at times. Love the dynamics between them lol

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Scared To Death

Podcasts | Society & Culture

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