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I thought that this was an extremely powerful books that tackled so many issues. The emotions were very raw seeing someone who was utterly hopeless changing into hopeful. However, the writing of the book threw me off and took me a while to get into

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Girl in Pieces

Books | Kathleen Glasgow

I loved getting to see Hardin’s perspective of the first book and seeing just how much he changed in just those few first months. I also thought the extra pov’s were interesting. However I thought that there were parts left out that should’ve been included to not make parts of the story so confusing

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Books | Anna Todd

Ugh finally! Just how I needed this series to end! Lots of tears we’re definitely shed. After everything they definitely deserved this happiness

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After Ever Happy

Books | Anna Todd

I just want Hardin and Tessa to have a happy ending. This book had me shook multiple times. My only issue was it felt like it took me forever to read it cause it was so long. Still loved it tho

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After We Fell

Books | Anna Todd

Honestly I felt like it took me a little bit to get into this book. Overall, I really enjoyed the read and I can’t wait to continue to series. Belly’s feelings were very relatable. I just hope when I pick up the next book their is one particular woman who is still in the picture

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The Summer I Turned Pretty

Books | Jenny Han

I am somehow just captivated by this drama filled series. There’s so much toxicity, but I can’t put it down. The added POV just added so much more to the book. All I want is for these two to end up happy together after everything they’ve been through

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After We Collided

Books | Anna Todd

Wow I don’t even have words. I couldn’t put this book down. I’ve never been happier that I bought this series all at once so I can keep going. Loving someone so much that you can’t just stay away even though it’s such a toxic relationship. While my experience is nowhere near as extreme, the emotions of this book are so relatable

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Books | Anna Todd

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