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This was the saddest and most painful movie I have ever watched. I generally have a heart of steel, but the real video clips were too much for me, I had to watch it in two sittings. It’s important to remember when watching something like this to not hate everyone in this particular region, and that a lot of this is political/religious struggle.

Welcome to Chechnya imageWelcome to Chechnya image

Welcome to Chechnya

Movies | Documentary

This was very hard to read, but the issues described by the author felt so real. He really dived into the deep and personal feelings of insanity that our main character fell into. I suggest reading it twice, once so you can get the idea and become familiar with how it’s written, then again to understand the details.

Crime and Punishment imageCrime and Punishment image

Crime and Punishment

Books | Fyodor Dostoyevsky

It’s silly, but I find this movie comforting when I’m sick. Also since I have a five year old sister it’s nice when we find movies that we can watch together!

Tangled imageTangled image


Movies | Animation

I really loved the idea of this book. The author did a good job in stating over and over that his thoughts were merely a hypothesis (untested idea based on scientific grounds), although some of the “proof” for his ideas are more easily disproved than others. My only complaint was that I felt that he had some anger or frustration while writing the book and his afterword, and I think he could have had less bias. Otherwise, I really liked it!

Chariots of the Gods imageChariots of the Gods image

Chariots of the Gods

Books | Erich von Daniken

I really love some of these sitcoms, this one is probably my favorite.

Full House imageFull House image

Full House

Shows | Comedy

This is a very lighthearted podcast that dives into the realm of all things fringe. I find the hosts’ mixture of intellect with humor makes for a podcast I can listen to on my commute!

Oh No Ross and Carrie imageOh No Ross and Carrie image

Oh No Ross and Carrie

Podcasts | Other

This book, despite being written in an older English, was very funny and a worthwhile read. Conveniently, it was also quick.

A Christmas Carol imageA Christmas Carol image

A Christmas Carol

Books | Charles Dickens

I enjoyed it with my 5-year-old sister. It was a little creepy for her and had a sweet plot. I personally wasn’t a fan of the most of the music, but I don’t really think it was bad.

Corpse Bride imageCorpse Bride image

Corpse Bride

Movies | Romance

The only word I could conjure up for this show was PROFOUND. I loved the show, it was quiet and soft but had a very sharp edge. A work of art, this show had me in tears over the ideas and thoughts of life and of love. Beautiful.

Over the Garden Wall imageOver the Garden Wall image

Over the Garden Wall

Shows | Mystery

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