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Majo Garza



Such an easy documentary to watch. You will be amazed by what you see. A very cute choice :)

Babies imageBabies image


Shows | Documentary

This tv show is so soothing and warm. It’s basically a very well made documentary on appreciation for human cultures all around the globe.

Chef's Table imageChef's Table image

Chef's Table

Shows | Documentary

First season is unbelievably good. Written, directed and performed by the same woman. Very well structured :)

The Sinner imageThe Sinner image

The Sinner

Shows | Drama

Beautiful in every sense. Honestly just the idea behind the movie is amazing already.

WALL·E imageWALL·E image


Movies | Animation

I feel this movie feels like surrendering. Watch only if emotionally stable :)

Brokeback Mountain imageBrokeback Mountain image

Brokeback Mountain

Movies | Drama

This movie will put you in a good mood. So cute and colourful. :)

Ponyo imagePonyo image


Movies | Animation

Started crying within the first 5 minutes. Definitely watch only if emotionally stable :s very touching

Grave of the Fireflies imageGrave of the Fireflies image

Grave of the Fireflies

Movies | Animation

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