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Mallery Bell


This is a cute book but the main character must have mental problems.

Bed of Roses imageBed of Roses image

Bed of Roses

Books | Nora Roberts

I'm in the process to listen to this book from the audiobook and the reader is difficult to listen. I can't listen very much of the book because I get frustrated from the reader.

Vision In White imageVision In White image

Vision In White

Books | Nora Roberts

Interesting book with an odd ending but the movie is completely different from the book.

The Casual Vacancy imageThe Casual Vacancy image

The Casual Vacancy

Books | J. K. Rowling

Book that you can read over and over and it's a FANTASTIC story/book every time. Sweet book.

One Day at a Time imageOne Day at a Time image

One Day at a Time

Books | Danielle Steel

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