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Marisa Baumgardner


This is my favorite news related podcast. It's so informative, and often it really helps clarify the bigger issues that are a little too complex for the regular news to go into detail about. The podcast discusses news related topics all over the world, and sometimes light hearted topics that are just fun to learn about. Sean is one of my favorite podcast hosts- I definitely enjoy his style (I also like Noel so far).

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Today, Explained

Podcasts | News & Politics

I started listening to this podcast because I like Ellen Pompeo and I'm a huge fan of Grey's, but this podcast surprised me- in a good way. Ellen has conversations about important topics with a wide range of diverse individuals. She talks with some powerhouse women, which I especially appreciate. I don't think there has been an episode where I haven't learned something, or thought "that's interesting, I haven't really considered that".

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Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo

Podcasts | Society & Culture

This podcast explores every angle of the concept of criminal. It's interesting, and you never really know what you're going to get. I really enjoy listening to Phoebe Judge (the host). This is a very bingeable podcast.

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Podcasts | Personal Journals

This is a fun podcast. It's funny, very thoughtful and creative. I definitely recommend it.

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Everything is Alive

Podcasts | Society & Culture

I wasn't expecting this podcast to be so good. Whitney and Katie are great "camp counselors". They're well informed, and entertaining and they give all sorts of helpful tips on how not to end up as part of one of their episodes ūüėÜ. Just FYI, the first season is about one particular crime and then it switches to one or two episodes for each crime.

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True Crime Campfire

Podcasts | True Crime

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