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This movie wants to portray the evolution of Bowie taking control of his career, but it really just shows him to be kind of an insolent buffoon when he was younger, which I don't think was the intent of the film. Marc Maron steals this movie as music executive Ron Oberman, who is Bowie's only friend at his record company and promotional tour compadre, who went on to have a long and distinguished career in the music industry. It's really the Ron Oberman story!

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Movies | Drama

20 minute episodes, so we like that. Each starting with one sentence and finishing with the second. Always, worth the wait!

Two Sentence Horror Stories imageTwo Sentence Horror Stories image

Two Sentence Horror Stories


Super short stories that link together. It'sK-Horror? It won't stop,, cuz it can't stop and please, keep it coming!

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Shows | Mystery

Worthy predecessor/successor to the original. There's nothing like the first time, but this series has more than its share of scares.

Ju-On: Origins imageJu-On: Origins image

Ju-On: Origins

Shows | Mystery

Nurse Ratched as conniving caregiver meets equally same, opposite force, in a battle of evil vs evil, such as you have never seen!

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I Care a Lot

Movies | Thriller

A slow moving road trip thru the underbelly of America. I wanted to hate this movie, but found it to be annoyingly hypnotic!

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Movies | Drama

Westworld with no robots, social commentary, such as you have never seen! Watch this movie and you will understand exactly why Lady Antebellum changed their name.

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Movies | Horror

Stars Wars cheesy to great effect with nods to Tron, Galaga and more. Loved this movie and loved the concept of an Asian-made film that was a combination of subtitles and English-speaking actors.

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Space Sweepers

Movies | Science Fiction

Inside the head story of a ruthless assassin inside the head of someone who they make into a ruthless assassin story such as you have never seen!

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Possessor Uncut

Movies | Horror

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