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Mark Bloomstein



This is not the perfect date night movie! Good sleeper, very gory, home invasion flick. Kevin James plays a bad-ass bad guy well and Lulu Wilson is badder ass as the psychotic satan child from hell with a new found outlet for her inner agressions.

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Movies | Action

A sci-fi "where am I" mystery thriller such as you have never seen!

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Movies | Science Fiction

Very good B movie horror. John Schneider is surprisingly good and the special effects on the Ogre are fantabulous.

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Movies | Horror

I have said it before and I'll say it again, Bella Thorne is morphing into a female version of Nicolas Cage and that's a good thing for all of us!

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Movies | Crime

Loses a little steam towards the end but a nice little sleeper film nonetheless. Zoey Deutch is great in it and a snappy dresser to boot.

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Movies | Comedy

With nods to the Twilight Zone and especially The Shining, this instant classic traverses the the thin line between real life horror and the unknown masterfully. I was pro reparations halfway through the second episode..... Message received loud and clear.

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