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Restaurant professional, wine lover, glitter enthusiast, consumer of media of all varieties. Doing all things with my cat on my lap ✨


This is an EXCELLENT feel good show, especially if you find yourself constantly pinning and saving amazing recipes that you know you will probably never nail (so, if you’re at all like me). I got hooked on Nailed It! Holiday initially and binged that immediately upon discovery. Thank sweet baby Jesus that the original version has more seasons. The contestants are relatable, and the banter between contestants, judges, and special guests always has me laughing out loud alone in my living room. A++

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Nailed It!

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Being a huge true crime buff I surprised myself by having never seen this movie until today. I tend to stick to documentaries or TV series when it comes to my true crime consumption, but Zodiac held tightly to the real facts of the case while also providing a paradigm shift allowing viewers to experience the perspective of investigators and reporters, telling a more personal story. True crime outlets usually focus solely on the lives and perspectives of only the victim and the perpetrator, when in reality any violent crime affects a great number of people, even loosely involved. This was a refreshing way to explore an incredibly well known case, and was entertaining and intriguing despite feeling quite slow and drawn out at times. Overall, a fine use of ~2.5 hours, and I’d give it an 8/10. #true_crime #perspective #zodiac

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