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I'll give you the opinion of a movie buff with a wide variety of likes. I like Horror and Star Wars, but will also watch an animated movie at the drop of a hat. Comedy, "Chick" flicks and Documentaries are always in rotation.


This was a pretty good episode. What I mean by that is that there was enough story for a TV episode, but they made it into a movie. The idea was pretty original. I would recommend, but only if you pay matinee prices or wait until it's streaming. 7.5/10

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Movies | Science Fiction

This was a very light-hearted, fun movie. Grab your popcorn and candy and sit down with the family to enjoy this one, but be sure that everyone goes to the bathroom first (it's a bit long). 8.5/10

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The Fabelmans

Movies | Drama

This is one for those that like stupid humor and a bit of gore. It's got a very dumb premise and is very loosely based on a true story. I did laugh very hard several times while my wife his her eyes a few times. I wouldn't have paid for it, but I got a free ticket, so I went. 6/10

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Cocaine Bear

Movies | Thriller

As only Tom Hanks can, you'll fall in love with the grumpy old man in the neighborhood. Add this to the long list of Hanks characters that he brings to life so realistically that you'll feel like you know him. This is a definite watch, but doesn't really need to be seen in the theater. It doesn't really benefit from the large screen or sound system. 8/10

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A Man Called Otto

Movies | Drama

This was about what I expected. I feel like it was slow building, but then the ending seemed to move very quickly. It is not a horror movie, but more suspenseful. 7/10

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Movies | Horror

The beginning of the final trilogy. At least, it's supposed to be for Jamie Lee Curtis. Now we see her family and how the story has affected their relationships. This is a pretty good film that has a classic Halloween type ending. 7/10

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Movies | Thriller

The original! This is the one to kick off the scary movie season. In it's day, it was not only extremely scary, but innovating as well because of some of the one take, extended camera scenes. It's definitely a horror classic. 10/10

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Movies | Horror

This is another series that I've watched from beginning to end. Re-watched it in preparation for "Halloween Ends". These are more suspense movies to me because this is not realistic. Michael is a non-stop killing machine. Because this final trilogy has Jamie Lee Curtis, it is a must see, if you like Horror movies. Because it is a bit predictable, I'll give it 8/10

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Halloween Kills

Movies | Horror

This is one of the scariest movies Ever. It's based on a true story, which is super scary to me. Anything that could be real is the scariest. 10/10

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The Strangers

Movies | Thriller

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