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Molly Hans



Extraordinarily well-written and honest. Believe it or not, a straight-up page-turner.

The Seven Storey Mountain imageThe Seven Storey Mountain image

The Seven Storey Mountain

Books | Thomas Merton

VERY complex character! Recommended by a family member. And I love reading books recommended by people I love. 👍

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Books | Mary Beth Keane

Why am I just finding out about this author?! And who recommended it? Thank you! Not quite Louise Penney, but pretty darn close. 👍 So many books for me to listen to. 😁

A Great Deliverance imageA Great Deliverance image

A Great Deliverance

Books | Elizabeth George

Well-researched and balanced look at the good and evil brought about by Christianity throughout history. It might surprise you. : )

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Bullies and Saints

Books | John Dickson

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