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loved! a solid 8.5/10 good read, easy to get through. loved the characters and the **** is so good.

Bad Intentions imageBad Intentions image

Bad Intentions

Books | Charleigh Rose

super interesting plot line (compared to the books i normally read lol) and probably the spiciest book i’ve read yet - so so good 10/10 from me

Does It Hurt? imageDoes It Hurt? image

Does It Hurt?

Books | H. D. Carlton

I loved this book! I liked the murder mystery whodunit vibe and thought it brought a good balance to the book. I really like Tessa Bailey’s writing style and have read several of her other books, but this has taken the cake for me thus far! The spice was really good and I thought it was pretty funny. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

My Killer Vacation imageMy Killer Vacation image

My Killer Vacation

Books | Tessa Bailey

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