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People give Lethal Weapon credit for the buddy cop formula in the '80s, but this was definitely the blueprint. The idea of the guy from Saturday Night Live and the guy from White Nights making great a buddy cop movie sounds crazy on paper, but on the screen it works extremely well. If you want to see the '70s version of it, check out the movie "Busting -1974"

Running Scared imageRunning Scared image

Running Scared

Movies | Action

Pretty familiar action movie with Iko Uwais being the standout. Mark Wahlberg is being Mark Wahlberg and the ending was decent enough. It's worth a watch and a few rewinds during some action scenes.

Mile 22 imageMile 22 image

Mile 22

Movies | Action

The first 2/3 we're ok, but the last 1/2 hr was some of the most tension filled action I had ever seen.

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The Kingdom

Movies | Thriller

3/4 of a good movie, with an ending that kind of sputtered out. It's a decent watch, just not as good as it should've been.

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The Invasion

Movies | Science Fiction

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