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Nicole Hostetler


As a child I remember reading "Boy Called It" and this book is in the running for equally as disturbing. Almost like a train wreck, you don't want to look, but you can not look away. I don't want to finish, because I have grown to hate the mother of this book, but I have to. I have to know what happens, and the victims need their story to be heard, may they rest in peace. ❤️

If You Tell imageIf You Tell image

If You Tell

Books | Gregg Olsen

Wish I had someone to discuss this one with! I'm going to end up reading the last pages of it thinking there is more.

Hell in the Heartland imageHell in the Heartland image

Hell in the Heartland

Books | Jax Miller

Currently reading this, and I am about done. It has been hard to put down, but even harder to keep reading. My heart broke for the family of these two beautiful girls.

The Darkest Night imageThe Darkest Night image

The Darkest Night

Books | Ron Franscell

Just started this today, hard to put down. 😳 Anyone else read this?

A Stranger in the Family imageA Stranger in the Family image

A Stranger in the Family

Books | Steven Naifeh

As a local from Ohio, where the book took place, I am saddened to say I don't recall this story. After reading it I became enraged and find it hard to even speak the name of the man responsible for such terrible things. It was my second book into the true crime genre, and still many books later I find it very well written and never a dull moment.

The Girl in the Leaves imageThe Girl in the Leaves image

The Girl in the Leaves

Books | Robert Scott

This was a very easy read so to speak. Nothing about this story was easy to swallow, but it kept me going. I think I finished it in two days, and would have been sooner if I hadn't had other obligations to the day. It has spoiled me, because I have yet to find something comparable to the suspense and jaw dropping information. My all time favorite thus far!

American Predator imageAmerican Predator image

American Predator

Books | Maureen Callahan

Currently reading now, about half way through. I think I may have heard a podcast on the west Memphis three..... But a long time ago. Eager to fi ish it so I can eat h some documentation of this. I am starting to see alot of parallel with Steven Avery

Devil's Knot imageDevil's Knot image

Devil's Knot

Books | Mara Leveritt

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