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I’m just here to keep track of the books I read ♡

So I decided to take a break from Tracy Wolff’s “Covet” since school was being a headache and it was a bigger priority, but eventually senior trip came up. I thought about bringing it but it was too big for my bag, so I grabbed two books I’ve been itching to read before my dream career. I read and finished this book on September 30th on the way down to South Caroline for our missions trip. It’s an extremely encouraging book not only to everyone, but to those looking to join the military.

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Make Your Bed

Books | William H. McRaven

I’d like to say that this is the first book that has made me cry three to four times in a row. At first I could make mostly accurate predictions with the first book, but reading the second one has left me surprised, hurt, and sympathetic enough to have me itching to read more. Definitely great for someone who loves adventure tied in with a dramatic dose of romance ♡

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Books | Tracy Wolff

I figured maybe it’s time I comment about the books I read other than just liking them. This book was very different from the movie but in a good way, it was humorous for sure. I love the way Howl and Sofie go from two bumbling idiots to lovers as I’ve seen someone describe today. I definitely look forward to reading the other two sequels sometime :)

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Howl's Moving Castle

Books | Diana Wynne Jones

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