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Nancy Drew wannabe


Was this cheesy? Yes. Was it an unexpectedly fresh Christmas rom com that breaks the Hallmark mold? Yes.

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Love Hard


Amazing read (or listen, like me). I’m dipping my toe back into reading fiction, and Station Eleven delivered. Maybe because it’s not so hard to imagine a pandemic-ridden world, maybe because I want to believe that even in the worst of times, we will have art (and theater) to unite us.

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Station Eleven

Books | Emily St. John Mandel

Listened to the audiobook. Rooted for Asha. Fudge the patriarchy.

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The Startup Wife

Books | Tahmima Anam

Binged this in a week. Laughed the entire time. Reminded me of Mindy Kaling's "Late Night" movie from 2019 (young woman writer unexpectedly paired with older woman comedian to save her show).

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Shows | Comedy

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