Robert R Robinson



Basic theme. Great special effects. Had sort of a Transformer feel. Not the same without Will Smith. But worth watching.

Independence Day: Resurgence imageIndependence Day: Resurgence image

Independence Day: Resurgence

Movies | Action

Reminder of risks of both AI and humans in space.

Battlestar Galactica imageBattlestar Galactica image

Battlestar Galactica

Shows | Drama

Although an animation - take this a a piece of the legends of Polynesia. If in Hawaii, get to the Polynesian Center.

Moana imageMoana image


Movies | Adventure

No spoilers. Will Smith on his game. Spies, assassins and plot twists, oh my. If you liked MIB humor, Bourne action and a bit of RED, try this.

Gemini Man imageGemini Man image

Gemini Man

Movies | Action

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