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they/them ace, unlabeled & agender love me some queer stories, fantasy + sci-fi, found family!! cannot handle horror / thrillers, i’m a scaredy cat!


for the most part it was an alright show. but it really oversexualizes teenagers in this which makes me uncomfortable knowing they are portraying high school students. it’s a lot of the more gritty and negative versus positive representation, and plays into the biphobic traits (biphobic erasure). season 2 near the end was a bit more redeeming but still not amazing.

Love, Victor imageLove, Victor image

Love, Victor

Shows | Comedy

truly reminds me of h20 just add water, it’s a show for any age, with a great cast! i love the found family aspect of it, and how every character interacts. i can’t wait for my episodes AAA! if you loved the h20 series, you’ll love this!

The Bureau of Magical Things imageThe Bureau of Magical Things image

The Bureau of Magical Things

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

badass women 👀 some complicated issues dealt with, wouldn’t say it’s exactly child friendly in later seasons but still holds up. monsters attacking, vampire wars, end of world scenarios.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer imageBuffy the Vampire Slayer image

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

interesting sci-fi with unlikely twists. small lgbtq2ia+ rep, but is still there. aliens from another world, secrets around town. who are we?

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

swedish show that follows young prince wilhelm and exploring his sexuality with simon. sent to a boarding school after a mishap in public. lgbtq2ia+ representation that is real and just. a more rich perspective of teen romance and it’s realism.

Young Royals imageYoung Royals image

Young Royals

Shows | Drama

a realistic and refreshing portrayal of secondary students. reaches into some talks of mental illness and bullying, but approaches it delicately whilst keeping the show lighthearted. i can’t recommend this show enough. lgbtq2ia+ representation that i wish i had as a younger child.

Heartstopper imageHeartstopper image


Shows | Drama

the growth you see between every character is vast and beautiful. each episode focuses on what they did before coming to the island. beautiful with a slight sick twist.

The Wilds imageThe Wilds image

The Wilds

Shows | Mystery

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