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Just a guy with an opinion. The opinions that I write and share are mine alone and I expect no one to like them, although I deeply appreciate those of you who do. Art is open to interpretation and my opinions are my interpretation of the things I see.


Biopic movie that sheds light on the journey that made Eminem.

8 Mile image8 Mile image

8 Mile

Movies | Drama

Sandler and Barrymore work very well together in this unique rom/com. Laughs laughs and laughs.

50 First Dates image50 First Dates image

50 First Dates

Movies | Comedy

This movie doesn't get enough credit. It's a phenomenal story based on a Japanese story and legend. Keanu Reeves delivers yet again.

47 Ronin image47 Ronin image

47 Ronin

Movies | Drama

Sequel that wasn't quite as good as the first one. Comedy and action still good times with these guys.

22 Jump Street image22 Jump Street image

22 Jump Street

Movies | Crime

Fantastic movie!! Hart and Harrelson are a perfect combination. Action and comedy in perfect balance.

The Man From Toronto imageThe Man From Toronto image

The Man From Toronto

Movies | Action

Unique movie about behavioral control and love. Slightly confusing and sad, overall an ok movie.

Spiderhead imageSpiderhead image


Movies | Science Fiction

Very touching movie about friendship, family and chasing one's dreams.

The Peanut Butter Falcon imageThe Peanut Butter Falcon image

The Peanut Butter Falcon

Movies | Adventure

This is fantastic tale of adventure, friendship and finding one's self. Redford and Nolte are amazing.

A Walk in the Woods imageA Walk in the Woods image

A Walk in the Woods

Movies | Adventure

Very good spy flick. Lots of action with a good story, it'll keep you engaged. The characters might be the best part of this movie.

Mile 22 imageMile 22 image

Mile 22

Movies | Action

Different take on the alien taking over the world genre. Predictable but entertaining none the less. Definitely worth a watch.

The 5th Wave imageThe 5th Wave image

The 5th Wave

Movies | Adventure

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