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Sarah Hwang



Horror fan and also a 80s, 90s and guilty pleasure movies enthusiast 🖤🤟


This series should be more popular, it was so good! Just enough drama to keep you entertain but not enough to make your eyes rolling in annoyance. The pacing was great and I was so invested until the end!

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Single’s Inferno


I will never understand the low rating for this movie - it is an underrated thriller. I love the main character, she is quite resourceful without being unrelatable or a genius. The "vilain" of the movie is well played and the ending is very satisfying. As a pup owner, I did skip the "dog scene". But it's short so don't let it scare you from watching.

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Movies | Horror

I want to start this by saying I loved this movie. It was such a beautiful story of true love between the main characters, and yet it did not feel cheesy or did not fall flat, it felt like it had weight, a purpose. The action scenes and special effects were amazing, and though I agree it was a bit messy, there was no down time. Especially loved the addition of the character of Bugs. The tone was drastically too different from the other movies also, it felt a little too polished and lost its style. Still worth a watch.

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The Matrix Resurrections

Movies | Action

Clever story, great telling throughout the movie, keeping you guessing on what the "whole truth" is. Great acting as usual on the part of Keanu, but also from the whole cast. I recommend!

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The Whole Truth

Movies | Drama

I can't believe I had never heard of this movie. It was such a heart wrenching story, and as both the lead and the director, Alex Pettyfer is simply outstanding. This movie explores trauma and unravel the family's past in a way I did not expect at all. What a piece of cinema, definitely underrated!

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Back Roads

Movies | Thriller

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