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Horror fan and also a 80s, 90s and guilty pleasure movies enthusiast 🖤🤟


Is it the best movie of the year? No. Is it reinventing the wheel? No. Was I entertained and got sweaty palms until the last minute of this movie? I certainly did. I think the movie gives what it intended to!

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Movies | Thriller

Very well shot movie, love the cast and even though you know what's coming, it's the "how" that is more unexpected. It's quite a simple movie but it works.

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The Menu

Movies | Horror

Pure fast paced and comedic entertainment with a talented cast.

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Bullet Train

Movies | Action

Clever, wholesome at times, gruesome at others, but always entertaining. Great comedy for the holiday season.

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Violent Night

Movies | Horror

I was super excited for this last movie and I was not disappointed! It is a chaotic movie with a lot of turns but in the best way possible. I loved the creativity in the shots and the music choice, it was bold. Loved the ending too, which is the only thing I really dreaded. 10/10

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Halloween Ends

Movies | Horror

One of the best TV show I've ever watched. The main couple is so strong and you can't help but root for them through it all. A lot of the side characters are great which makes the show well rounded. Overall story is amazing - though yes, big TW for SA, I'm sensitive and had to skip scenes. But it absolutely didn't deter me from enjoying the show.

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Shows | Adventure

I am a big fan of horror, so it does take me quite a bit to be genuinely scared. This one though, it did! The tension building, the reveals, the story progession, the acting... everything was on point. Some scene genuinely frightened me, though it never crossed the line regarding disturbing content. One of my favorite this year.

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Movies | Thriller

Now this one was a bit divisive in my household - I am more aware of internet and Gen Z culture, and I laughed the whole time. My husband is not, and a lot of the movie's humor went above his head, he still thought it was ok but definitely not great like I did. I had a blast!

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Bodies Bodies Bodies

Movies | Horror

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