4/5 I liked this book so much more than I expected! For some reason I didn’t realize it was going to give Disney vibes but as a Disney adult, this was such a fun surprise! I loved the backstories of each character and their relationship throughout the book. I would definitely suggest reading this book!

The Fine Print imageThe Fine Print image

The Fine Print

Books | Lauren Asher

4/5 this book was really good! I didn’t see a lot of the twists coming and I was obsessed with the setting. I will for sure think about this book every time I enter a rest area. I would suggest reading this as long as you can stomach some violence.

No Exit imageNo Exit image

No Exit

Books | Taylor Adams

2/5 just not crazy about this series and I won’t be finishing. If you’re just getting into reading and looking for some spice these books are good but otherwise they just feel under developed to me…

Twisted Games imageTwisted Games image

Twisted Games

Books | Ana Huang

2/5 I wasn’t impressed by this book and had to force myself to read it almost. I was sad by this because I had high hopes for this book. There were too many characters and I was confused half of the book. I loved the idea of this but overall wouldn’t suggest it.

The Club imageThe Club image

The Club

Books | Ellery Lloyd

4/5 I really enjoyed this book! It had the typical plot of a romance novel but I enjoyed the setting a lot. It really makes me want to travel to Mackinac and see it myself. If I could go back and read this again I would read it on a cold winters day. I would totally suggest giving it a read if you like romance and subtle spice.

Forever Never imageForever Never image

Forever Never

Books | Lucy Score

3/5 This book was alright but it didn’t blow me away. I wanted to like the characters more but felt them to be a little shallow overall. This book was somewhat spicy but I think booktok overhyped this. I will read the next book in the series but I’m not sure I’ll finish all of them…

Twisted Love imageTwisted Love image

Twisted Love

Books | Ana Huang

4/5 I loved the main character get in this book and would suggest reading it just for her. I actually didn’t see the main twist coming which was fun because normally I see things coming from a mile away. This was a quick read for me and I would suggest it to anyone!

The Maid imageThe Maid image

The Maid

Books | Nita Prose

3/5 read in one sitting but wasn’t blown away. There was some good foreshadowing but overall I wouldn’t read again.

Five Survive imageFive Survive image

Five Survive

Books | Holly Jackson

Cute fun holiday read. Felt like reading a hallmark movie.

Let It Snow imageLet It Snow image

Let It Snow

Books | Beth Moran

Read for book club. Felt predictable but I also read it years ago so that could be why. Not my normal read but not the worst thing ever.

Safe Haven imageSafe Haven image

Safe Haven

Books | Nicholas Sparks

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