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Sarah Todhunter


Ok, I didn’t like Madoc in the first book, he just wasn’t my favourite. But he absolutely shines in this book. and I LOVED it!

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Books | Penelope Douglas

UGHHH so many emotions!!! This book literally made me cry so much. omg it is so good!

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Beautiful Disaster Signed Limited Edition

Books | Jamie McGuire

Such a good book! Deals with a lot of mental health, but it’s not written in an immature way. Definitely would read this again, amazing storyline.

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Find You in the Dark

Books | A. Meredith Walters

This is literally the sweetest book ever. My favourite part is the folded chip part - literally melts my heart. My favourite book ever. Pulls at all my emotions

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Archer's Voice

Books | Mia Sheridan

Simple book, very cute and innocent. I read it in one sitting, definitely something for a younger age group, but still contains romance

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The Upside of Falling

Books | Alex Light

Definitely going to read this over and over again. There wasn’t a time when I wasn’t laughing, crying, or smiling. This book played with my emotions so much. Absolutely loved it

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Books | Colleen Hoover

Definitely one of my new favourites. This books had my emotions all over the place!

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Books | Penelope Douglas

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